Sharon Bazarian

About Sharon

I graduated from Boston College many years ago, and in some ways never really left. I have always been interested in the arts and had a career as a professional photographer. That led to my becoming a Docent at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and a Patron of the McMullen Museum at Boston College. When the opportunity arose to become a museum guide at the McMullen, I immediately jumped at the chance and never looked back. It has been a dream come true. Being a guide at a teaching museum in a research university is one of the best experiences I could have hoped for. To make the art come alive, and have meaning both to the students as well as the public, is inspirational. The word “inspire” means “impart a truth or idea to someone”, which aptly describes what I believe being a museum guide is all about .

My connection with the NDSC

I attended my first Symposium in Washington DC in 2019.  My connection with NDSC furthers my love of art and my passion for passing on that love and what I have learned to others. When you have a love of art, it naturally translates to want to learn more skills to improve one’s role in being a museum guide. I am thankful to have found this wonderful organization to better my knowledge and my skills as a guide. The information we receive, the workshops we attend, and the symposiums which are held, all help us to become better guides and share with others the knowledge that we have obtained.

Additional Info

  • Title: Secretary
  • Elected: 2019
  • Museum Name: Boston College McMullen Museum
  • Museum Photo: Museum Photo

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