Dena Watson-Lamprey, Western

About Dena
My life-long love of teaching children led me to try my hand at being a docent at the Oakland Museum of California. What has kept me there is the dynamic nature of our docent core, the way the museum likes to be at the cutting edge of what’s happening in the museum world, and the many ways I can interact with visitors from the amazing, diverse, challenging city of Oakland.

My Connection to the NDSC
Docents from the Oakland Museum have had a long history with the NDS and I have always been envious of those who have attended. When I had the opportunity to attend, I jumped on it! As a new regional director, I am looking forward to engaging with docents in my region and in the wider community through the symposia and through the work of the Council.

Additional Info

  • Elected: 2019
  • Museum Name: Oakland Museum of California
  • Museum Photo: Museum Photo

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