Louise Emond, Canada

About Louise

Upon ending my career in the field of ecology/environment which lead me to travel extensively throughout the province of Quebec, I wished to explore new horizons. Hence my involvement with the Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) that started in 2018. What a formidable opportunity to meet and reach out with art lovers and over 160 professional guides. I since guided French learning groups, college/university students as well as adults of all ages. The pandemic gave me an opportunity to hone in my guiding skills for virtual visits as well as for architectural tours of the MMFA five buildings that span over 100 years! 

My connection with NDSC

My involvement with NDSC began in 2020. The request for my ‘candidacy’ as a volunteer was to bring on guides from various institutions in Quebec and other provinces in Canada. My collaboration with Canada East Regional Director Shelagh Barrington and then volunteer Louise Gauvreau proved successful as we deployed an outreach strategy to market NDSC to a larger Canadian subscribers/audience. I also have a keen interest in learning about my fellow American guides’ approaches to guiding, novelties and innovations in the trade!   

Additional Info

  • Docent Since: 2018
  • Elected: 2022
  • Museum Name: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • Museum Photo: Museum Photo

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