Pati Chasnoff

Pati Chasnoff Pati Chasnoff

About Pati
I have been a docent at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art for 14 years. Becoming a docent is
the best thing I have done for myself as an adult. I became a DIT (docent in training, our term of
endearment) not because I loved art but because I loved ongoing learning, and this training was
3 years, twice a week with the same group of DITs. The outcome, of course, was great friends,
and a true love and appreciation of art. I am fascinated by how the many different artists
express themselves. Each piece reflects the individual artist, and the culture they come from
and the time in which they are painting. And, there is always something new to learn and to
share with our visitors. How Wonderful! How Exciting!

My Connection with NDS
I attended my first Symposium in 2013. I loved meeting docents from so many other places.
Learning how their programs were similar and different, sharing our joys and challenges.
After the 2015 Symposium, we at the Nelson began to consider hosting a symposium. And in
2017 we were selected for 2022.
I have appreciated all the learning, advise, and consultation from Council members, and from
former chairs of the Symposium. I know I speak for all of us – We are eager to welcome you to
KC and to share our city and our museum with you. The Nelson is eager to host NDS2022.

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