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A kaleidoscope was chosen as the symbol for the 1987 National Docent Symposium held March 24-26 at the Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio. The nature of the kaleidoscope is to provide images that expand the viewers' perception. It never confines or limits, but projects new patterns that constantly change and grow from one image to another.

The design was created by Jan Wallake, under the direction of Brooke Simonds and Shirley Hancock, the Toledo Co-chairs. Following the symposium, the Council was given all rights to use the logo in any way they deemed useful for future Symposia. This kaleidoscope logo has become the symbol for the National Docent Symposium Council.

In October 1991 in Denver a large kaleidoscope pin was introduced and made available for purchase by symposium attendees. This was followed by the introduction of several smaller versions of the pin. A limited edition version of the pin was introduced in 2009, Toronto, to be awarded to Symposium Chairs and other people honored by the National Docent Symposium Council.

The logo design was copyrighted in 1995. A derivative version was copyrighted in 2009 and is used on the business cards. When used by the National Docent Symposium Council, the logo is black. Symposia are urged to incorporate the kaleidoscope into their own logo. It may be in any color but must be used in its entirety, complete with the copyright circle.

Since 1981, the symposium has provided an opportunity for docents from many disciplines to come together to discuss common interest and concerns, learn teaching skills and methods and to provide an enriching experience. By reaching out to one another, listening to new ideas, participating docents create new patterns of leadership, learning and teaching, much like the ever changing patterns created by a kaleidoscope.


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