The Organization

The National Docent Symposium Council is composed of two delegates for each of the six American Alliance of Museums regions, as well as the two Canadian regions. In addition, the co-chairs of the current, past, and future symposia are members of the Board.

Responsibilities of the Council include:

  • Insuring the continuation of the Symposia through site selection
  • Guidance to, and cooperation with the host institutions
  • Promoting docent education through sales of the Docent Handbook and maintenance of an interactive website,
National Docent Symposium Regions



New England Region   Southeastern Region   Western Region
  Connecticut     Alabama     Alaska
  Maine     Arkansas     Arizona
  Massachusetts     Florida     California
  New Hampshire     Georgia     Hawaii
  Rhode Island     Kentucky     Idaho
  Vermont     Louisiana     Nevada
      Mississippi     Oregon
Mid-Atlantic Region     North Carolina     Utah
  Delaware     South Carolina     Washington
  District of Columbia      Tennessee    
  Maryland     Virginia   Canada (Western Region)
  New Jersey     West Virginia     Alberta
  New York         British Columbia
  Pennsylvania   Mountain-Plains Region     Manitoba
      Colorado     Saskatchewan
Midwestern Region     Kansas    
  Illinois     Montana   Canada (Eastern Region)
  Indiana     Nebraska     New Brunswick
  Iowa     New Mexico     Newfoundland
  Michigan     North Dakota     Nova Scotia
  Minnesota     South Dakota     Ontario
  Missouri     Oklahoma     Prince Edward Island
  Ohio     Texas     Quebec
  Wisconsin     Wyoming