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Barbara Schoell and Kathryn Toombs, Docents, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (Spring 2021)

We are excited to be preparing for the National Docent Symposium to be held in Kansas City in September 2022.  We are looking forward to introducing our city to our fellow Docents and sharing the many great sites and offerings of our Midwestern locale.  We are also looking forward to hosting a Symposium full of new ideas, inspiring speakers, and stimulating, valuable conversation.

While our Kansas City team is working diligently to host a meaningful Symposium, we cannot succeed without the contributions of our fellow Docents near and far.  Those of us who have attended past symposiums know that the Breakout Sessions and the Showcase of Ideas are invaluable and provide timely and relevant content that we enthusiastically carry back to our home museums.  Exposure to other museums’ innovations is a critical component to a successful Symposium.

On May 1, we issued a Call for Presenters, requesting proposals for presentations at Breakout Sessions and at the Showcase of Ideas.  The guidelines for submitting a proposal can be found here.  We encourage all Docents to be thinking about whether your museum has an innovation that would be worthwhile to share.  Have you implemented a unique program, developed a successful approach to a current issue, created solutions addressing a difficult challenge?  Our Call for Presenters will not limit the topics for submission. However, when evaluating the proposals, we will consider whether the presentation will be relevant, thought-provoking, memorable and useful to other attendees.

Please stay tuned!  And please seriously consider participating in our Symposium by presenting at a Breakout Session or the Showcase of Ideas. 

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