Docent Rules and Regulations

Deborah Fuller, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Facilitator

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I. Who has organization with rules or codified regulations?

  • Seven of the eight participants in the discussion belong to organizations that have rules or codified regulations.
  • The group recommended that Docent organizations should have written bylaws that stipulate what the members will and will not do, as well as how infractions will be handled.
  • Docents should participate in creating these documents.
  • An annual recommitment letter or form should be signed by the Docents.
  • It was agreed that the penalty for not meeting touring commitments should be not being scheduled for tours or ejection from the Docent body.
  • The group felt that the idea of “earned vacation time” determined by service was a good one.


II. Implementation.

  • Many of the participants’ organizations use the Volgistics web based software to log in from home to check schedules, updates etc.
  • They also used this system to record time donated to their organizations.
  • This helped generate more grant money for their museums.
  • It is quite inexpensive and works very well.


III. Recognition stratagems.

  • Common recognitions are pins, dinners, teas.
  • Reduced prices in museum shops paid for by the museum.
  • Also, there are many Docent groups who pay for their own dinners or luncheons.


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