How to Share What We Have Learned

      Phoebe Kline, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC, Facilitator

      Judy Cunningham, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, CA

      Ann Dunnam, Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC

      Howard Elkins, High Museum, Atlanta, GA

      Helen Gokbudak, John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota FL

      Joselle Kryder, Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University, CA

      Charlotte Moore, Cincinnati Art Museum, OH

      Peggy Ostrander, Bellevue Arts Museum Bellevue, WA

      Ilene Taekman, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, CA

      Alberta Word, Museum of Ventura County, Ventura, CA


I. Goal of Round Table Discussion to discuss taking the information learned at the Symposium and disseminate it at each delegate’s home institution.

  • Written reports about breakout presentations.
  • Presentation to docent body with all four delegates speaking was felt to be too much, very repetitive and not necessary.


II. What will be made available by the National Docent Symposium.

  • Breakout sessions will be made available on the National Symposium website as permission is granted by the speakers. Maybe just the handouts.
  • The round table discussions will definitely be posted.
  • It was mentioned that the motto “Steal freely but always give credit” might work since the purpose of the symposium is sharing!
  • Might the video of the speakers’ presentations be made available…especially the key note speaker? That would capture the tone for the gatherings for docents that don’t get to attend. This would get excellent discussions going among docents.


III. How can information from the NDS be shared upon return to home museums? What do we do with the information?

  • Maybe sharing would be best done in a round table discussion format.
  • With four delegates have four tables and groups move from table to table.
  • Leave materials in a docent library for docents to peruse or post it on a docent website.
  • At a docent meeting, have each delegate present about the breakout session that taught them the most.
  • Short reports from the attending delegates if they are not too long would be successful.
  • Delegates should coordinate with one another so that repetition is avoided.
  • Panel discussion might work.


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