Touring with Technology

Cheryl Bancroft - Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Facilitator

Bonnie Castellani - Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT

Mary Clary - Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Bonnie Hay - Toledo Museum, Ohio

Carolyn Horter - Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, FL,

Danielle Kaiser - Museum London, London, Ontario, Canada

Marilyn Langer - Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Barbara Liddell - Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Alfredette MacDonald - Van Dusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, B.C.

Lisa Newcomb - Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Alabama

Sue Hubbaw Ryan - Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA


Introduction: We brainstormed on the various ways that using technology could improve docent tours and be considered a teaching "tool."

I. Using an I-Pad:

  • On botanical tours-use I-Pad to show flowers in a different season.
  • Show other works by an artist whose painting is in a gallery.
  • Can show where an object came from-in situ.
  • Can show video of artist talking and working (SFMOMA does this)
  • Can compare and contrast objects (paintings) readily.
  • Can enlarge the image to see brush strokes and details.


II. Using Smart Boards-to make experiences with art more interactive before actually going into a gallery:

  • Interactive one hour tour-10 to 15 minutes using Smart board, then enter gallery.
  • I-Phone:

    • Using I-Phone to activate a Treasure Hunt for objects in the galleries.
    • Downloading an App for a particular museum tour on one's I-phone.


III. Headsets and microphone:

  • Useful for giving tours in crowded galleries.



Technology should not take the place of needing to see the "real" thing. Technology not a substitute for seeing the real thing but just another "tool" and should be used sparingly.

The image on the I-pad or I-Phone is not the real thing. Cannot know the scale or size of an object. Cannot see the brushstrokes or application of paint.


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