Sample from Chapter 6

On Seeing or Learning from Objects

“During a museum visit, you want your tour participants to relax and enjoy a journey into seeing, exploring, focusing and learning by looking at art and artifacts.”

Focus on the Object
“The docent’s first task is to focus a visitor’s attention on the object. To achieve this goal, the docent should limit the number of objects to be seen. . .. Before encouraging someone else to look at an object, it is necessary to really see it yourself. The information you choose should directly relate to the objectives of your tour. The following questions might help you get started:

             • Why have I chosen this object?
             • What is its function?
             • How does this object reinforce my theme?”

Further development of the chapter topic includes sections on Accessing Information about an Object; Searching for Details; Develop a Visual Memory; Shift Focus; and Props for Focusing.

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