Sample from Chapter 8

Sample from Chapter 8:

Act it Out! Hands On!

“A wide range of movement and theater activities exist that involve visitors visually, physically, emotionally and intellectually with a painting, object or diorama.”

Suggestions are provided for activities that can be incorporated to enhance tours for both children and adults. Here is a sampling:

Take a Pose “Posing can be used to illustrate differences between objects or living things.

For example, you might look at:

• The difference between an animal poised for attack and one at rest or
• The difference between an Egyptian and Greek sculpture

Ask students to assume the two poses. By experiencing the different poses, visitors arrive at a better understanding of techniques and insights used in creating the two sculptures.”

Hands On! “Touchable objects on carts or presented by you on your tour offer a range of experiences that can enhance visitors’ viewing and understanding of museum objects and specimens that are ‘do not touch’”…

This is a sampling of the 9 suggestions provided:

• Pass around samples of marble, aluminum and lead to allow the visitors to feel and weigh the specimens as they look at sculptures
• Feel the difference between meat-eating and plant-eating teeth
• Examine and feel the different size animal hair brushes used by artists

Further development of the chapter topic includes sections on Role Play, Historical Interpretation, Gallery Activities, and Storytelling with suggestions for Preparation, Telling Your Story, and Interaction After the Story Has Been Told

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