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Personal Development: NDSC, 2017 NDS Montreal and YOU

My theme for the spring of 2017 is personal development and YOU.

Personal development is the process of achieving and expanding your full potential. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you have the power to experience and expand your personal development. Whether you are improving your strengths, reducing your liabilities, or expanding what you are capable of, personal development is a path.

NDSC (the Council) Mission and YOU:

The mission of the National Docent Symposium Council is to promote continuous improvement in docent practice by facilitating communication and collaborative interaction among U.S. and Canadian volunteer docents/guides. This is accomplished through biennial symposia, sales of The Docent Handbook and with our interactive website

The NDSC consists of 30+ volunteer docents/guides from across the US and Canada who represent docents/guides from a wide variety of cultural institutions and museums. Our members are dedicated team players, who actively support our mission statement and the NDS. Our strong suit is the broad base of leadership, experience and knowledge that 30+ people bring to the table.

2017 is a NDSC director recruitment year. Every two years, during a symposium year, the NDSC recruits new directors to replace the people who have served on the Council for the past four years. The NDSC can be an opportunity that leads you down a new path for your personal development. Let this article be the spark that starts you thinking about what is possible for you beyond your current docent experience. This spark may be the beginning of your discovery voyage of not only seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes for viewing that landscape.

Now is the time for you to consider your personal development by becoming a part of the NDSC, supporting our mission and encouraging other docents/guides to expand their docent practice by seeking new landscapes and viewing those landscapes through new eyes. Learn more about the NDSC, the role of a NDSC Director and how you can become a part of our dynamic leadership team by clicking this LINK

2017 NDS Montreal and YOU:

The Montreal symposium can be the perfect path for you to take for experiencing personal development and expanding your docent experience with like-minded people from across the US and Canada. Take a look at the extensive variety of educational offerings at that you can be a part of by attending the Montreal symposium.

The symposium is a powerful tool to add to your personal development toolbox, for personal growth and to improve and expand your docent practice. The symposium path can take you to a unique Montreal cultural institution like Château Ramezay or the path can involve you in a spirited discussion about the STE(A)M experience for middle and high school students. Exposure to this wide spectrum of opportunities will most certainly broaden your path to personal development, increase your strengths and reduce your liabilities.

What's next on the NDSC agenda?

• Recruiting and selecting our next class of NDSC members from the 2017 NDS Montreal attendees. Click this LINK to learn more about the NDSC and 2017 Director Recruitment 

• Recruiting and selecting our 2023 symposium host. Click this LINK to learn more about hosting a symposium: 

I wish you well on your discovery voyage of personal development and I hope our paths cross in Montreal this fall.

Happy touring,