Connecting with Anne - Moving Forward Successfully

2017-2019 NDSC transition, 2017 Director Recruitment, The Docent Handbook 2, 2017, 2019 and 2021 Symposia

Henry Ford said, "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." Mr. Ford must have had a premonition about the National Docent Symposium Council (NDSC) and National Docent Symposium (NDS). His statement is a good description of our organization, its mission, collegiality, vision, leadership and accomplishments. We have successfully been moving forward together since 1981 because of people like you who are supporters and contributors to our organization.

Here's a brief rundown of NDSC/NDS successes and moving forward together:

2017-2019 NDSC (Council) Transition-

The Council says good bye to veteran officers and directors and welcomes new officers and directors following the closing day of each biennial symposium. My two-year term as Council president ends officially on October 15 and I will be handing over the "gavel" to Mina Shea (San Francisco Museums of Fine Arts.) Mina has served on the Council for several years first as a San Francisco symposium co-chair and as vice-president for the past two years. A more capable and dedicated Council member would be hard to find. Docents/guides have much to look forward to under Mina's leadership.

Working with the many directors and officers that have served our organization for the past eight years to support the mission of the NDSC has been: challenging, thought provoking, stimulating and always gratifying. A major initiative for the past two years has been to implement a Strategic Plan that will ensure the financial and human resources future of the NDSC/NDS. Teamwork and leadership are the strong suits of the NDSC that will move us forward successfully and with purpose.

Today as I reflect on my time as president, I am humbled by the dedication and professionalism of my colleagues. These volunteer docents/guides are responsible for the NDSC's international reputation as a leader in docent education by providing unique forums for the exchange of ideas and communication. The best outcome from working with the Council is that I now have, not only Council colleagues, but life-long friends. The privilege of serving as president afforded me the opportunity to engage with docents/guides and staff in ways I never anticipated when I was elected to serve on the Council in 2009.

2017 Director Recruitment-

Are you registered for 2017 NDS Montreal as a volunteer docent/guide? If so, then you are eligible to submit an application to be a NDSC director for 2017-2021. This is a great avenue for expanding your docent/guide experience beyond the walls of your cultural institution.

This year the Council is recruiting new regional directors responsible for promoting the organization across the US and Canada. We are moving forward as a digital and technology savvy organization by creating a director-at-large position specifically for managing our website and social media forums. We are encouraging people with technology skills and/or interest in social media to consider applying for this position and being a part of our digital future. Is that you? The deadline to apply is September 10, 2017. Click this link to read more: LINK to Director Recruitment information.

The Docent Handbook 2-

Available for purchase, August 1, 2017, this is a major revision to the handbook that was first published more than twenty years ago. The Docent Handbook stood the test of time and more than 10,000 copies have been sold. The Docent Handbook 2 is a valuable resource for docents, guides, interpreters and staff from museums of all types in the US and Canada. The revised handbook, with new sections, material and references, reflects the increasingly diverse audiences, the arrival of our digital world and evolving tour strategies geared to museums of all kinds. Thanks to the tremendous efforts and contributions of many NDSC directors, led by Betsy Vourlekis (Freer/Sackler Galleries,) the docent handbook is a tangible example of our evolving organization and our dedication to the education of docents/guides everywhere. Click this link to read more: LINK to Docent Handbook information. 

2017 NDS Montreal-

From October 11-15, 2017, 350+ docents/guides and staff members will gather in Montreal, Quebec for the 19th biennial symposium, and the second to be held in Canada. Montreal is a sophisticated, multi-cultural city celebrating its 375th anniversary this year. The Montreal symposium team, led by managing co-chair Grace Powell, and co-chairs, Patricia Wenzel-Ades, Louise Gauthier, and Diane Massicotte (Montreal Museum of Fine Art,) has planned an extensive event schedule that includes 30+ breakout sessions presented by a variety of institutions, numerous off-site events and opportunities to visit other cultural venues in the city. Attend the Montreal symposium and you will be "Reaching New Heights." Click this link to read more: LINK to Montreal NDS.

2019 NDS Washington D.C.-

The Smithsonian's Freer/Sackler Galleries will host the 2019 symposium, chaired by Sabina Javits, Pat Morgan and Diane Ponasik. A highlight of the Montreal symposium will be the official invitation to "Capitalize on Experience" in Washington D.C. Stay tuned for the 2019 symposium website going live later this fall that will preview the Washington D.C. symposium.

2021 NDS Kansas City-

The NDSC and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art signed an agreement this spring that ensures that the symposium tradition will continue for many years. The 2021 NDS Kansas City team is already working on logistical plans for a successful 2021 symposium. Pati Chasnoff, Carol Cowden and Denise Saper will be leading the 2021 symposium team.

I'm grateful for the past NDSC successes that makes moving forward exciting. The NDSC is evolving and so am I.