Consider Hosting a Symposium

Have you enjoyed and benefited from attending a National Docent Symposium (NDS)?  Perhaps your institution and docent organization might want to consider being a host.  I can speak from experience, it is an event of a lifetime, demanding all your skills and talents but delivering great rewards to you personally and the docents of North America.  I accepted the job as co-chair of the 2013 San Francisco symposium believing in the importance of professional development.  The NDS offers docents an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills and gain a national perspective of today’s practices while at the same time act as a forum for future practices. 

It’s never too soon to begin thinking about hosting the Symposium.  Our San Francisco Docent Council approved a proposal to host the symposium seven years prior to our 2013 symposium in San Francisco and the contract was signed with the National Docent Symposium Council in 2008. My commitment and belief in the National Docent Symposium continues in my role as the Vice President of the National Docent Symposium Council (NDSC).  I am here for you as an experienced host and willing to share my first-hand knowledge and enthusiasm for the National Docent Symposium.  If you are interested in hosting, take a look at the documents attached which will give you an overview of NDS and the ways the NDSC supports the host site.  You can also review the list of the notable host institutions spanning 34 years.  Contact me with any questions you may have.

Mina Shea, President, National Docent Symposium Council. Docent, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco,