Currency Exchange

Since we have just returned from the fabulous Montreal symposium, you may think by the title "Currency Exchange" I'm talking about money. This is not about money but it is about value - the value of the National Docent Symposium allowing docents/guides and educators face to face time to exchange feelings, ideas and hopes about their role in the current evolution of our cultural institutions where we volunteer our services. We come to the symposium to find out today's directions and trends.

Through the presentations from docents/guides and keynote speakers representing the United States and Canada, we, as docents, affirm our relevance and importance in creating an inclusive, engaging and audience-centered cultural institution. Stephan Jost, Director, and CEO of the Art Gallery of Ontario Canada, in his keynote speech opening the symposium acknowledged the value of docents and guides when he said that perhaps they too should be "endowed."

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Mina Shea, President, National Docent Symposium Council