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Exhibitions, Programming and Initiatives that Reflect the High's City & Region

The High continues to advance its outreach through exhibitions, programming and initiatives that better align and reflect the richness of Atlanta and the Southeast's depth and history with offerings like.......

● "A Fire That No Water Could Put Out": Bringing together more than 40 works drawn from the Museum's renowned collection of Civil Rights era photography, the exhibition surveys pivotal moments of the movement under Dr. King's leadership, following his death, and through the Black Lives Matter activism of today.

● "Making Africa," featuring contemporary design by more than 120 artists from 22 countries on the continent.

● The next installation of the High's "Picturing the South" series (Mark Steinmetz); the series supports established and emerging photographers in creating new bodies of work inspired by the American South for the Museum's collection.

● The High's ongoing participation, along with four other institutions, in the Andrew W. Mellon Undergraduate Curatorial Fellowship Program, which provides specialized training in the curatorial field for students whose backgrounds are underrepresented in the museum field.

● The museum's expanding commitment to collecting works by African-American artists and recently introduced wall labels in the galleries so visitors can have greater insight into the creative minds behind the works on view.

● The continuation of the High's annual David C. Driskell Prize, the first national award to honor and celebrate contributions to the field of art of the African Diaspora, now approaching its 14th year.

● The Docent diversity committee.

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