Ewing and Muriel Kauffmann Memorial Gardens

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Ewing and Muriel Kauffmann Memorial Gardens

Embrace the beauty of nature in an exquisite garden inspired by the world travels of its founders, Ewing and Muriel Kauffmann.  Framed by a stately stone wall, the two- acre botanic garden features 7,000 plants including annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees arranged in five unique areas.  Open year-round, lush and diverse plant beds are constantly cycling so there are surprises with each visit. The garden is located just a ten-minute walk from the museum or one mile from the Intercontinental Hotel.

Before you plan your visit, imagine strolling Camille Pisarro’s The Garden of Les Mathurins at Pontoise (Gallery P-27, Bloch Galleries, Plaza Level at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.).  Then meander the pathways of Kaufmann Gardens which connect five distinctive areas.

The Parterre or Canal Garden features a dramatic canal pool where modern bronze figures by local artist Tom Corbin titled Jazz I and Jazz II, dance playfully amid arcing fountains. A profusion of blooms surrounds the pool.  If classic is more your style, the bronze Grand Arabesque, Third Time by Edgar Degas (GALLERY P-28, Nelson Atkins Museum of Art) showcases the strength and balance of a ballet dancer.

The vibrant floral still life, The Green Vase by Odilon Redon (Gallery P-27 Nelson Atkins Museum of Art) is a taste of what awaits as you stroll under the pergola of the Green Garden enjoying the abundant seasonal blooms from the overhead planters.  There is a great photo opportunity near the crystalline fountain that spouts from an octagonal pool. 

Enter the dream like garden of Berthe Morisot in Under the Orange Tree (Gallery P-27, Nelson Atkins Museum of Art).  A visit to The Orangery, the main architectural feature of the garden, is a delight to the senses with collections of citrus, camellia, orchid and gardenia.  Continue to explore nearby where an oasis of calm awaits in the Secret Garden. Feel stress melt away in this tranquil space.  The jumping fountains will surprise and delight you.

To enjoy gardens bursting with vibrant color, splashing fountains and graceful bronze sculpture include a visit to this hidden gem in Kansas City.


kauffman gardens

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