Symposium participants have a variety of program options to choose from.

Participants who arrive early may choose to participate in a pre-tour that takes place before the symposium begins. The pre-tours visit local museums, gardens, and collections. (Pre-tours cost extra and are not included in the symposium fee.)

Click HERE to see Pre-tours

Breakout Sessions
Participants may choose to attend up to four breakout sessions, on topics ranging from virtual tours to diversity, equity, and inclusion, that are offered on Saturday and Sunday during the symposium. The sessions are held on-site at the hotel.

Click HERE to see Breakout Session 1Breakout Session 2, Breakout Session 3, and Breakout Session 4

Sunday Afternoon Out Workshops
On Sunday afternoon during the symposium, participants may choose to attend workshops held at local museums in the Kansas City area. (The workshops are included in the symposium cost.)

Click HERE to see Sunday Afternoon Out Workshops

Showcase of Ideas
Museums and venues from Kansas City and elsewhere will offer a display of new ideas that symposium participants can take back to their home institutions. 

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Here's a sample of what your Symposium schedule might look like:

sample schedule


Come back to visit our website over the next few months to learn about the great programming the entire 2022 Kansas City NDS Committee has been planning for you in September 2022!




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