Showcase of Ideas

Please come back to see a full list of the 2022  Showcase of Ideas Table presentations.

Topics for Showcase of Ideas could include:

  • Technology training for docents-for virtual world
  • Inquiry based learning- adapting teaching methods 
  • New ways to look at art…beyond art history
  • Partnering with community members for specialized tours
  • Changing role of docents post-2020
  • How to use photography for storytelling and building empathy
  • Art reflecting diversity
  • How to build a culture of belonging-DEAI training
  • Peer to peer coaching/teaching in the docent program
  • Building diversity in the docent program 
  • Teaching methodology for docents
  • Docent skills needed for virtual tours
  • Training for courageous conversations with audiences, adults and older adolescents
  • Tools and techniques for handling difficult situations
  • Using art as a jumping off point for richer conversations
  • How to build and train for emotional intelligence post-2020
  • How to manage younger visitors in a post-2020 world

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