Hit Docent Refresh Button for High-Energy Tours (2017 Montreal)

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Utica, NY

In order to attract and retain young visitors, many museums now promote events such as Friday night wine parties, yoga classes in galleries and high-energy group tours conducted by third-party tour guides. One such group, called Museum Hack, advertise their tours as a "highly interactive, subversive, fun, non-traditional museum tour." They also rely heavily on social media. This lively Breakout Session will compare established docent techniques to these new, pumped-up experiences. Docents will get out on the floor, practice improvisational skills, try out hands-on activities, incorporate social media, play gallery games and look for ways to wake up, refresh and energize tours.

Presenter: Meg Gianetti

Theme Category: Touring Techniques