Supporting Change: The Docent's Role (2013 SF)

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami FL

In 2008 Vizcaya Museum and Gardens developed an inquiry-based general introductory tour and began formally training docents in museum education, methodology, tour content, and facilitation techniques. Our session will share how a dedicated and determined group of docents supported the transition from offering lecture-based tours to facilitating more meaningful and memorable experiences for our visitors. Presenters will highlight how incorporating best practices from the field of museum education (training, shorter tours, evaluation implementation and docent partnering), was instrumental in successfully supporting the institution through a challenging process.

Presenters: Jo Mobley, docent (thirteen years), School Program Guide, and Mentor; Graciela Cordeiro, docent (fifteen years) and School Program Guide; Sharon Hartley, docent (twenty-six years), School Program Guide, and Mentor; Kathy Heinly, docent (twelve years), School Program Guide, and Mentor