Creating Innovative School Programs (2013 San Francisco)

The Asian Art Museum, San Francisco CA

The Asian Art Museum recently rolled out a new brand identity, "Awaken the Past, Inspire the Next." Envisioning a new brand required significant changes to school programs, from scripted tours to flexible visitor-centered guidelines and more interactive techniques for engaging the audience. Docents and museum staff will demonstrate how school programs continuously evolve to meet the needs of students and teachers by using one of the more popular school programs as an example, "Samurai: Real and Imagined." Session attendees will view a video on student participation, see how technology is used in the galleries, and examine a website that provides classroom resources for before and after a museum visit.

Presenters: Jane Dalisay, docent (thirteen years) and former Chair of School Programs (2003–2009);Bob Oaks, docent (six years) and Chair of the Samurai School Program Subcommittee;Susan Lai, docent;Caren Gutierrez, Manager of School and Teacher Programs