You would love to incorporate iPads into your docents' tours, but there are so many challenges:  creating easily accessible content, training docents, addressing resistance.  Fear no more!  Learn how we conquered all of these obstacles.  Participate in a Hands-On workshop culminating in the presentation of your own iPad tour!

Institution: Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
Presenter: Jan Lachman, Co-Presenter: Maureen Murray Fox

This session is a best practices case study in creating historical legacies using a variety of mediums.  The presenter will share processes and approaches to creating "legacy story" to capture important knowledge from dedicated long time volunteers, docents, board members, retired directors, and staff.

Institution: Dali Museum
Presenter: Joann Dye, Docent
Co-Presenter: Grace Pamperien

Find out how free/low-cost, easy to use online tools have been integrated into the FAMSF daily museum work to enhance richer tour experiences, continuing education programs, scheduling and reporting, and better communication.  Details and steps for success will be provided.

Institution: Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
Presenter: Kathleen Holliday, Co-Presenters: Jessica Gaynor, Mina Shea, and Ellen Tollen

An Interactive Docent Website that Does It All!

This presentation will describe the creation and function of a secure, proprietary website that allows members of a docent group to access information and manage individual responsibilities. With our website you can create a schedule from docent-generated requests; report individual hours; automatically accumulate statistics for visitors and volunteer hours; and make a docent directory, an event calendar, and continuing education information available online with instant access.

Presenters: Maryl Hitchings, docent and Website Coordinator; Massimo Boccuni, independent professional web designer

Art Education and Technology: How to Connect, Collaborate, and Inspire

Are you interested in using technology to improve your presentations and/or better engage your audience, docent peer group, or museum? Docents from Art in the Dark, a digital art appreciation program serving sixth- to twelfth-graders, will share ideas for how to use technology to more effectively connect, collaborate, and inspire. Whether ready to apply these ideas to their own programs, or merely curious about what technology can offer, attendees will leave with practical ideas, tools, and resource documents to meet their own objectives.

Presenters: Toby Fernald, docent (twenty-seven years) and Art in the Dark Chair (spearheaded the program); Tricia Hill, docent (eight years), Art in the Dark Co-chair, and Art in the Dark program developer; Karen Lantz, docent (thirteen years) and Art in the Dark public relations developer

Addressing Docent Needs: Easier and Better Communication through Technology

Learn how Mingei International, a mid-sized museum, is using technology to manage, engage, and support a growing Docent Council. Through the development of a Docent Council website within the Museum's main site, docents are able to access exhibition resources, sign up to lead tours, and download docent training material from any location with internet access. In this session participants will hear from Mingei International's docents and staff while exploring the Museum's website and discovering how similar ideas can be developed at their institutions.

Presenters: Johanna Pope, Education and Outreach Manager;Carol Hinrichs, member of the Docent Council and Museum Trustee

Docent Web: An Online Resource Center for Docents

Presenters from the Indianapolis Museum of Art will discuss how, using the Museum's document management software, the docent program created an online resource center for docents. Docent Web allows docents to log on from home or any other location with web access to view or print tour and training schedules and access extensive research material. Both Docent Web and DropBox are being used to share images and charts of the growing collection of resource material used on iPads for docent tours.

Presenters: Kristin Mohlman, docent (eleven years), instrumental in bringing the first version of online access to Museum docents), former Manager of Docent Programs (2011); Jennifer Todd, docent (seven years), current Manager of Docent Programs, content manager for Docent Web, and coordinator of the iPad project (managing content through DropBox)

Hurdles Big and Small: Building a Docent Website from the Museum Floor Up

Rather than demonstrate the functions of the docent website as a technical entity, we will show how a task-force model of positive collaboration between docents, staff, and the IT Department was used to successfully develop a website from scratch. Breakout session participants will learn the critical steps and dos and don'ts you need to know, as well as the importance of this task-force model.

Presenters: Emilie Bromet-Bauer, Senior Manager of Docent Programs and initiator of the Docent Website Task Force; Nan Sincero, Docent Coordinator, docent (over four years), and Project Manager of the Docent Website Task Force; Dr. Henri K. Lese, docent (twelve years) involved in developing the docent website; Tina DeCloux, docent (fourteen years) and member of the team that developed the Docent Website Task Force

iPad, Do You? A Plan for Implementing iPad Use on Tours

Presenters will discuss how their team implemented iPad use on tours, including 1) identifying appropriate web content and useful applications, 2) establishing training for technical use, and 3) developing strategies for integrating iPads into tours. This forum will not only allow us to share our experiences with those interested in incorporating iPad technology into museum tours, but will also provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with those who have already done so.

Presenters: Brenda Burgess, docent coordinator (two years), docent (five years) and member of the iPad Implementation Team; Carole Cornell, docent (nine years) and member of the iPad Implementation Planning Team; Rose Rich, docent (twenty-five years); Sherwood Platt,docent (seven years)

The Docent Toolbox—Using Technology for Change

This is a story of a year of change, collaboration, and technology integration at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Members of the Technology Education Resource Committee will tell their successful story, share some of their collaborative strategies, and discuss the technology tools that they used. The resources Portaportal and Phanfare allowed docents to plan their tours from the comfort of their own homes. Presenters will also discuss the Box, OurVolts, BrainPOP Jr., SurveyMonkey, Twitter, Inspiration, and other software that helped pave the way.

Presenters: Suzanne Matonek, docent (two years; Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and in Technology Education Instruction from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia); Jacqueline Lee Barr, docent and member of the Technology Education Resource Committee

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