Hurdles Big and Small: Building a Docent Website from the Museum Floor Up (2013 SF)

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

Rather than demonstrate the functions of the docent website as a technical entity, we will show how a task-force model of positive collaboration between docents, staff, and the IT Department was used to successfully develop a website from scratch. Breakout session participants will learn the critical steps and dos and don'ts you need to know, as well as the importance of this task-force model.

Presenters: Emilie Bromet-Bauer, Senior Manager of Docent Programs and initiator of the Docent Website Task Force; Nan Sincero, Docent Coordinator, docent (over four years), and Project Manager of the Docent Website Task Force; Dr. Henri K. Lese, docent (twelve years) involved in developing the docent website; Tina DeCloux, docent (fourteen years) and member of the team that developed the Docent Website Task Force