Touring Specialty Populations

Toledo Museum of Art

The Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) Education staff will define what visual literacy means to the TMA, share visual literacy workshop techniques, and discuss how the TMA docents were trained to facilitate the visual literacy workshops for TMA staff and the community.

Presenter: Kate Blake, Co-Presenter: Kateri Walsh

Denver Art Museum

"Tactile paintings" were created to enhance the experiences of visually-impaired visitors by helping them to form mental images of museum objects through touch.  The popularity of this approach led to an ongoing tactile tables program and is also used with people with developmental disabilities and adults with dementia.

Presenter: Carolyn Strand, Co-Presenters: Marty Corren, Carol Hamilton, and Sharon Rouse

Art Institute of Chicago

Give your tours some personality -- "animate" the furniture!  Learn how to get your touring students fully engaged, and send them home with a whole new perspective on that "stuffy old furniture".  Hear about, and then participate in this fun and fascinating approach to docenting!

Presenter: Lisa Seifried

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center docents have developed a two-week festival of interactive tours involving art, writing, drama, music and dance activities.  Each activity is inspired by viewing a painting or sculpture in our galleries.

Presenters: Wendy Gray, Co-Presenters: Kim Bass and Ann Burek,

University of Michigan Museum of Art

This program is based on the premise that although memory may be compromised, the senses are alive and well.  They will explain the development and success of this multi-sensory approach used for tours and demonstrate sensory-based and story-telling museum activities.

Presenter: Ruth Slavin, Co-Presenters: Sophie Grillet, Jeannie Mack-Powers, Marlene Ross, Susan Schreiber, Mary Wakefield, and Gretta Spier

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