Atlanta Team Leaders

Meet the NDSAtl24 Co-Chairs

                               Dianna Smeal, Kristen Keirsey and Bryan Brooks

It takes a lot of work and strong team leaders to make a symposium happen. We are thrilled to have a great set of High Museum of Art docents as Co-Chairs of our next Symposium in Atlanta in November of 2024. They are working hard with many other volunteers to make Atlanta another exception experience for all the docents who attend. Learn about the Atlanta co-chairs.

Bryan Brooks
What if I told you that being a Docent is something I've long dreamed of doing but never considered myself "studied" enough to step into such a coveted role. I was a banking HR professional, not an art historian. And then, the High came into my life and provided a pathway for this incredible docent journey and the opportunity to engage and share everything from our vast permanent collection to special exhibits with all our guests. Along the way, I discovered the National Docent Symposium Council and became invested in its mission. I eventually became a regional director of NDSC and then agreed to bring the National Docent Symposium back to Atlanta in 2024.

Kristen Keirsey
I have been a docent at the High Museum of Art for over 15 years, giving tours to mostly student groups, which I enjoy. My background is not in art, but I have valued the opportunity to make Art a part of my life by serving as a docent. I served on the NDSC from 2011-2017 as the Southeastern Regional Director and am currently one of the three co-chairs for the Atlanta 2024 Symposium. I look forward to helping bring the National Docent Symposium to Atlanta in 2024!

Dianna Smeal

I have held many volunteer positions and co-founded several community-based arts organizations, but being a docent at the High Museum of Art is the absolute best. The exchange with our visitors and my fellow docents is such an enlightening experience. In fact, I call going to the museum my "moment of zen." In June 2019, I received a five-year pin and plan to add many more pins to the collection. My introduction to NDS came from my fellow docents, Bryan Brooks and Kristen Kiersey. I am thrilled to serve with them as a co-chair for the 2024 Symposium in Atlanta.