2015 Symposium Breakout Sessions

Building on our 2015 Symposium theme of “Bridge to the Past, Path to the Future” the Breakout Sessions will include the themes of targeting special audiences, communication for future success, educating docents and educating visitors.   There will be 24 topics -- you get to choose 3. 

If you’re interested in tours for special audiences – you might choose a Breakout session regarding the visually impaired, people with memory loss, homeschoolers or preschoolers.

You’ll hear what some museums are doing and take home ideas for developing museum specific programs at your own institution.

We all know technology is the way of the future.  You might want to learn about how some museums are already using it for tours, docent training/continuing education/evaluation, and scheduling.  It’s also never been more important for museum staff and docents to collaborate in developing successful programs for today’s audience – see how some are doing this.

Initial and continuing docent education is always a priority for museums and docents.  There will be 8 Breakout sessions related to ways of preparing new docents for success and maintaining and enhancing current docent knowledge and touring strategies.   

And, of course, we cannot forget our museum audiences, so there will be Breakout sessions offering new ideas for a variety of visitor, school and community programs.   See how some relate to the core curriculum to entice school trips and how some relate to community outreach.  If you are interested in more specifics check out the preview below. 

We hope this is getting you excited about coming to the 2015 Symposium.  Registration opens March 1, 2015.  Register early so you don’t miss out on your favorite three!  

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